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William Georgenes

William 'Bill' Georgenes, (1929-2017), was an abstract expressionist painter most of his life, and an assemblage artist in his later years.


Born in Boston, MA in 1929, he began his art career at the age of 8 in a sanatorium, drawing comic books for the adult residents, and selling them for 10 cents each.

Taking any job he could, Georgenes worked his way through the Massachusetts School of Art where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and the Yale School of Art where he also earned a Master of Arts degree.

A highly talented artist, Georgenes went on to teach at several colleges and universities, including Boston State Teachers College, Vesper George School of Art and Harvard University.

Georgenes travelled and worked as an artist and teacher for most of his life, eventually settling in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he continued to create art until he left us at the end of 2017.

Below is an invite only gallery of Bill's paintings available for purchase from his estate.  Full website forthcoming!


Please click on each painting for additional details.




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